Tjaša Iris spent her winer 2006-7 in biggest and most prestigious Artist Residency in Europe, Cite' Internationale des Arts, in the center of Paris, few minutes walk from Notre Dame and Hôtel de Ville.


This was Tjaša's third winter in Paris as well as her third stay at the Cite' Internationale des Arts. Tjaša's country Slovenia owns a studio in the building and 4 professional artists are selected per year for a 2 months stay. Tjaša was selected 3 times already and this last winter she also prolonged her stay for two extra months and received a studio in the same building owned by French Ministry for External Affaires.

Four months of painting were combined with meeting of other artists from 40 different countries that were also staying at the Cite' Internationale des Arts.

As well as numerous weekend trips to the other parts of France as Reims, Amiens, Chantilly....


postacard from Tjaša's studio:




hard work and lots of fun....... at the Cite' des Arts artists are of all disciplines: visual arts, music, architecture, poetry, writting, theatre, opera, fashion, dance.....




cultural weekend trips:


Yousef Saaleh (Palestinian painter), Tjaša Iris and Willy Merz (Swiss/Italian composer) at Reims Cathedral


Tjaša Iris and Willy Merz at Chantilly



............ and here is the above painting finished:


Ravello Gardens by Tjaša Iris

acryl on canvas

90 x 120 cm

36” x 48”



It was as well already exposed in the occasion of Group Exhibition of Members of Slovenian Artist Association "MAY SALON" in Galerija Murska Sobota, SLOVENIA (it is a state owned Contemporary Art Museum) in May 2007. The painting was as well published in the catalogue of this same exhibition.